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Authors: Norwahida Othman and Shaliza Hayati A. Wahab



Since 2004, Unified Security Management (USM) has been known as primary network gateway defense solution for organization. The system provide several security technologies such as network firewall, network intrusion prevention, gateway antivirus, VPN, content filtering, load balancing, data loss prevention and on-appliance reporting. The purpose of the USM is to simplify security management by allows an administrator to monitor and manage a wide variety of security-related applications and infrastructure components through a single management console. Since the existing UMS-Intech Club in Faculty of Computing & Informatics there are no policies being implement yet. Unified Security Management can be implement so the network will be well manage. Basically all the member of UMS-Intech Club are from software engineering (HC00) and network engineering (HC05) students so the risk of any threats come from them is higher. They can access the Internet freely without any filtering in the network. To prevent this problem and manage the network in correct way, Unified Security Management has been proposed. For this small network, UMS-Intech Club can have their own network management. It does not need high cost to implement this. The software that will be used is open-source. Unified Security Management appliance making task easier for admin to do configuration using graphical user interface, to implement a unified security management server for security in UMS-Intech Club. Overall, Unified Security Management is the new evolution of traditional firewall that able to perform several security function in one single system.