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Authors: Muhammad Adib bin Haji Muhammad Jaya and Nordaliela Mohd Rusli



Universiti Malaysia Sabah Information Technology Club (UMS INTEC) has been introduced since fourteen years ago. However, students have the difficulty to manage UMS INTEC because they do not have an electronic management system. Without a centralized system, the members of UMS INTEC have difficulties to organize the activity event, difficult to obtain information from each of the members while processing the activity event, hard to keep track on who had completed their task, difficult to obtain the UMS INTEC activity detail, difficult to get feedback from the club member when voting for a work delegation, difficult to retrieve information details
and feedback from the first year student from Software and Networking Engineer course and difficult to retrieve certain data of UMS INTEC. Based on the literature review, by creating activity management system, UMS INTEC member can easily access certain information on student activities, increase communication between senior and junior and eliminate the manual process using paper circulation. Somehow, this can be the first step to support the University to become the eco Campus University. Thus, this project propose an activity management system for the UMS INTEC member to manage the club, organize  them and provide easy access to any information they need in UMS INTEC. The objective of this project include the implementation of a module to manage the UMS INTEC activity through online, to make online registration for new student, and to allow the members to do voting for certain event through the activity management system without others knowing their personal data. The methodology used for this project is the prototyping methodology where there is a planning stage to plan how the project will go based on the problem issued by end user and analysis stage to gather user requirement in order to build the system by conducting interviews with the end user. A prototype will be created
for the end user to get familiar with the system and to get feedback on what to improve. Implementation stage is to develop the system based on feedback from prototype design before handing it over to the end user. It is expected that after the implementation of the UMS INTEC Activity Management System, the management of activity in the club will be more organized, easy to manage and communication among the members will be more effective than before. Once the implementation of the system is successfully completed, system testing is done to discover as many errors as possible. It is also needed to determine whether the system is working properly before it is put into use. The approaches used to test the system are unit testing, functional testing, integration testing and system testing. Once the testing completed, an acceptance test is conducted to evaluate the effectiveness and efficiency of the UMS INTEC Activity Management System.