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Authors: Mohamad Ruzaini Bin Mohd Roni and Mohd Hanafi Ahmad Hijazi



application development is being developed, a variety of applications have been created to meet current needs. The development of this project are being proposed to use a mobile application platform. The name of this application is UMS Mobile Application Tour Guide. UMS has big surrounding area and many attraction, visitor that come in here will face a problem to find a place. It will take a lots time until they found the destination where they want to go. Thus, this application is aim are is focusses to use in the University Malaysia Sabah (UMS) for the visitor that come to UMS. It will become a replace medium that can be done by using a map. This mobile application will be used in the smartphone that using an operating system, Android platform and using a Global Positioning System (GPS). GPS is a technology that is accurate to determine our location and the GPS has been built in many smartphones. The application will cope to the GPS function and guide visitors to the place they want to go. Using this application visitor can find places, attractive place, suggestion, give location and calculate distance all of this feature will change on how the visitor visit UMS. It’s such a need during this time because lots of development being done with the mobile application.