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Authors: Mohammad Azraf Bin Mohammad Ali and Norazlina Khamis



University Malaysia Sabah (UMS)’s rugby club was established as a medium of communication between the coach and the universities rugby players. In current situation, the process of managing the club activities are carried in manual ways. The coach need to store the information about each of the players manually. This lead towards the difficulties when the coach as well as the players in getting relevant information. The main purpose of this project is to develop an online system that can reduce the workload of the club management that still used paper based system which is found unreliable in managing the work flows of the club activity and also to have information medium for the club members in order to get more precisely information. The methodology that has been chosen for the development of this system is the incremental and iterative model. The function will be added into the system from time to time to increase the value added of the system. This report initially covers the research and analysis involved in developing a system to meet these aims, followed by the process of designing and implementing the system. It concludes with an assessment of the success of the system in achieving the aims of the project, with suggestions for further development provided. The system design would be based on the existing sports management system which would provide high level of user friendliness to the user. This way, the user can focus on using the system to perform the intended task rather than spending time learning how to use the system. The system’s interface will be as simple as possible and contain high usability at the same time. The system will benefit the club in many ways as it will help to control the overall process going on the club. It will be function as a medium for all UMS rugby player to gather the valuable information and also provide information to the system. They also will be help by the system to managing their healthy diet in order to have effective training session and also maintaining their fitness during semester break in order to keep all the player ready for a new season ahead. The manager and the coaches will have an easy job on monitoring their player fitness level based on the preferred position on the system and can be more focused on their game plan and tactics.