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Authors: Syahzlan Hazwan bin Salleh and Azali Saudi



The main purpose of UNIVERSITY MALAYSIA SABAH SPORTS FACILITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM is to manage UMS Sport Centre facility efficiently. The Sport Facility Management System is focusing to solve three major problems in current system of UMS Sport Centre facility management since they are using the manual system for the time being. Those major problems are booking system, facility information system and record of the borrowing by user. By using this new system, the operation of managing the facilities is paperless and the time taken to make a booking can be improved. The process of searching the facilities become easier with just a help of mouse click. This system will update the list of facilities that available after booking process. It will also show bookings made by the user. UMSSFMS will also help the sports centre to manage information about the facilities efficiently. Administrator can search for particular facilities and easily view its information, as well as keep track of the available facilities.