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Authors: Teh Wei Keat and Asni Tahir



LearnMath is a web based educational hypermedia system which support teaching and learning using electronic devices and network. LearnMath provides a great platform for teacher to either upload self-created learning content to the system or to source from YouTube or GoogleSlide. Students can then access to these materials online and get the latest updates from teacher. Besides, LearnMath do provide default learning content for students too. Hence, teacher can just further enhance the system with more and different type learning materials. Furthermore, with K-Means clustering function, analyzing students would no longer be the same experience, teacher can now groups students according to their similarity in scores of every chapter and carry out strategy to help them. The clustering tool, help teacher identify groups of students with different level of performance in every chapters. With great data presentation by the system, teacher can make comparisons and predictions on students and chapters easily. This help to specify and stress out on who needed more attention and guidance among students to teacher, allowing teacher to help students effectively and specifically rather than helping in general.