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Human Computer Interaction Research Group

HCIRG aspires to instil innovation in bridging the digital and cultural divide in the field of Human Computer Interaction and User Experience.
HCIRG focuses on the exploration of media technology as the engaging medium for teaching and learning with highlights given on the Borneo cultural preservation context for the extension of knowledge.

Resarch Staff

  • Dr. Ag. Asri bin Ag. Ibrahim (Leader)
  • Dr. Norbayah bte Mohd Suki
  • Dr Carolyn Salimun
  • Ainnur Hafizah Bte Anuar Mokhtar
  • Dinna@ Nina Bt. Mohd. Nizam
  • Jetol Bin Bolongkikit
  • Jonathan Likoh Juis @ Juise
  • Nona Masnie Bte Mohd. Nistah
  • Ryan Macdonell Andrias
  • Rosni Zamuddin Shah Bin Sidek
  • Soffri Bin Yussof

Current Research

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Awang Asri Awang Ibrahim

  • Areas: Kansei Engineering, Sounds and Sonification
  • Current Research: Kansei Engineering in ICT Usability

Dr Nurbayah Mohd Suki

  • Areas: Mobile Learning, Creative Multimedia, Educational Technology, Interactive Storytellingand Online User Behaviour
  • Current Research: Malaysian Users Behaviour and Preferences for Mobile Applications and E-Commerce

Dr Carolyn Salimun

  • Areas: User Experience (UX), Visual Aesthetics
  • Current Research: Relationship between visual aesthetics, task performance, and preference

Catherine Yeo - Sonification for Dyslexia
Yiap Shin Yee - Incorporating Kansei Engineering Into Sound Design to Improve Sonification PerformancE
Alter Jimat - Sonification of 3D Body Movement Using Parameter Mapping Technique
Roslan Tangah - Social Media Usage Among Mature Students
Naincie Pindeh – The Effectiveness of Using Mobile Apps in Learning Kadazan-Dusun Language