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Information Systems Research Unit Borneo

The Information Systems Research Unit Borneo is a research unit based in Universiti Malaysia Sabah – Labuan International Campus (UMS-LIC) which strives to conduct world class research in the field of Information Systems.
Main areas of interest:

  • Information Systems
  • ICT for Development (ICT4D)
  • Knowledge Management
  • IS/ICT Research Methodology
  • Action Research


Research Staff

  • Dr Zamhar Iswandono Ismail (Group Leader)
  • Tamrin Amboala
  • Soffry Yusoff
  • Nona Masnie Mohd Nistah
  • Idyawati Hussein (study leave)
  • Esmadi Abu Seman (study leave)
  • Laura Penny Jack (study leave)
  • Ahmad Rizal Rodzuan (study leave)
  • Wan Nooraishya Wan Ahmad (study leave)
  • Goh Say Leng (study leave)


Current Research

Dr Zamhar Iswandono Bin Awang Ismail

  • Areas: Information Systems, Action Research and Digital Entertainment
  • Current Research: Utilising Action Case for Post Graduate ICT Research in Systems Development, Computer Games and Animation

Tamrin Amboala

  • Areas: Application of Islamic Rulings in ICT
  • Current Research: Shariah Compliance in E-Commerce

Soffry Yusoff

  • Areas: Business Information Systems
  • Current Research: E-Commerce Application in Local Homestay Industry


Current Postgraduate Research

  • Rudiman: Developing Content Management System with Combination of Action Research and Spiral Model Methodology
  • Alvin Bryan Tony: Animation in Learning for Primary School in Labuan
  • Abby Kong: Animation and Creativity Among Children in Labuan
  • Low Wei Song: Development and Application of Role Playing Game to Improve Japanese Learning Process
  • Ng Chong Wai: Action Case on Improving Creativity among Kindergarten Students Using Computer Games
  • Khairul Akhyar Abdullah: Action Case on Teaching Positive Values to Kindergarten Students Using Computer Games
  • Nur Faeza Mairat: E-Commerce Usage in the Local Homestay Industry