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Software Engineering Research Group


  • To develop and experiment advanced software development techniques that lead to novel methods, techniques, theories, and tools that advance the way in which software is built and adjusted. 
  • To ensure that our research results have a lasting impact in software development practice.
  • To offer students an education that prepares them to take a leading role in complex software development projects that are applicable in industrial context 
  • Potential of research areas include but not limited to; Cloud computing, Digital image, processing system, Mobile network technologies, Development of software system and Software methodology


Current Research

Dr. Muzaffar Hamzah

  • Areas: Information Systems and ICT in the Public Sector
  • Current Research: Utilisation and Optimisation of ICT Usage in the Public Service, and Government Department Application of Gamification.

Dr. Joe Henry Obit

  • Areas: Artificial Intelligence, Optimisation, Application of AI in Games
  • Current Research: A* Algorithm Usage in Games, AI-Enabled Academic Scheduling Optimisation,


Research Staff

  • Dr. Muzaffar b. Hamzah (Leader)
  • Dr. Joe Henry Obit
  • Hadzariah bt Ismail
  • Dayang Senandong Ajor
  • Alisa Tuah
  • Nuraini Jamil
  • Nicholas Teong Kan Vun
  • Jonathan Likoh
  • Ainnecia Yoag
  • Ainnur Hafizah Anuar Mokhtar
  • Goh Say Leng


Current Postgraduate Research

  • Mohd Fadhli Asli - Mobile Visualization to Assist Fund Management Decision-Making Process
  • Cheng Kin Meng – Gamification for Simplifying Change Management Process