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Vision & Language Group

Context-Oriented Visual Object Recognition

  • Measuring and exploiting the compatibility of visual confusion and contextual separability
  • Subsampling effects on learning object classes

Psychology, Well-being and Nature

  • Neural and statistical modelling of directed attention fatigue
  • Modelling the restorative potential of visual scenes

Text Interpretation

  • Comparing human phenomenological interpretation and machine analysis of corpora


  • Automatic extraction of memorable structures in unstructured material (visual and text).
  • Automatic generation of mnemonics.


  • AMOR: An Adaptive, Multimodal Architecture for Visual Object Recognition (2012-present).


  • Dr James Mountstephens (Senior Lecturer)

PhD Students – 1

  • Edward Wong Kie Yih

MSc Students – 4

  • Toh Chia Ming
  • Chew Lin Hou
  • Fung Hung Kiat
  • Choong Mei Yeen