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Bachelor of Computer Science with Honours (Software Engineering)

Bachelor of Computer Science (Software Engineering) with Honours is an undergraduate degree programme offered by Faculty of Computing and Informatics at Kota Kinabalu campus. The prgramme aims to produce graduates with knowledge and skills in software engineering and management of software development projects. Students will be exposed and trained with the mentals of computer systems as well as the advancement of technologies in  the field of computer science, specifically software engineering. Apart from technical skills, there are also subjects that will incorporate soft skills such as communication and leadership. Some of the courses are also embedded with the latest technology in software development based on the feedback from the industry.

Career Prospect

Graduates specialised in Software Engineering program has the opportunity to work as; Software engineer, System analyst, Data scientist, Software Tester, Database administrator, computer systems analyst, computer support specialist and many more.

Programme Objectives

  • Unite theory (Knowledge) with practice (Practical Skills), be prepared and motivated to engage in lifelong learning (Information management and lifelong learning skills), and have a solid foundation in mathematics and science.
  • Be productive practitioners skilled in applying engineering process and practice to software components and systems (Thinking and scientific skills).
  • Be proficient in oral and written communication (Communication skills), able to demonstrate leadership skills in developing software (Leadership Skills) and actively demonstrate teamwork, professional and ethical responsibility (Social Skills, Teamwork and Responsibilities).
  • Have a broad perspective on computing and Network Engineering, allowing them to demonstrate entrepreneurship and managerial skills in Network Engineering (Management and Entrepreneurship).

Programme Learning Outcomes

  • Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of essential facts, concepts, principles and theories relating to Software Engineering (Knowledge).
  • Apply appropriate methodologies, models and techniques that provide a basis for analysis, design, development, test and implementation, evaluation, maintenance and documentation  of a large scale software system (Practical skills).
  • Demonstrate teamwork, responsibilities, interpersonal and social skills (Social skills and responsibilities).
  • Ethics, professionalism and humanities (Ethics, professionalism and humanities).
  • Communicate effectively with peers, clients, superiors, and society at large and demonstrate leadership skills in Software Development (Communication, leadership and team skills).
  • Utilize relevant techniques and demonstrate  analytical and critical thinking skills in problem solving related to software design and development (Scientific methods, critical thinking and problem solving skills).
  • Apply skills and principles of lifelong learning in academic and career development (Lifelong learning and information management.
  • Entrepreneurship and managerial skills in Software Engineering (Entrepreneurship and managerial skills).

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