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Message From The Dean


Welcome to  Faculty of Humanities, Arts and Heritage, University Malaysia Sabah.

As the FKSW dean, I would like to welcome you to the faculty website. We hope that this website can give useful information to all of you. FKSW offers nine (9) programmes which consist of Communication, Industrial Relations, Sociology and Anthropology, International Relations, Geography, History, Visual Art Technology, Creative Art and Music to meet the needs of the competitive job market currently. The focus of the courses offered is not only confined to the academic aspects but also to expose and prepare students to face the career life. This includes shaping a role model who is competitive in the international level in programmes such as exchange students with foreign universities. The beautiful and conducive environment, complete facilities and a wide range of linkages to higher education institutes in and outside the country ensures wide opportunities of cooperation in academic matters, research and produce.

 FKSW spur a suitable learning consistent with the needs of job market in relevant industries which includes the Creative industries, education, music and entertainment as well as film industry. You will experience a variety of learning experience which will be conducted in an integrative way, combination of theory and internships and student-centred learning which will lead to the development of a student as a whole. The variety of over 36 ethnicity in Sabah and Borneo provides a wide range of inspiration, exploration of materials and artefacts for research purposes. This sense of uniqueness will surely arouse the students’ mind to learn with high motivation and commitment.

FKSW is always ready to strive for excellence in academic through conservation and development of arts and culture to strengthen the fundamentals of the national culture through joint research, development, education and the expanding of industrial web among students. This strength is supported by the educational web and Industrial Partnership Programme in and out of the country. FKSW are constantly trying to increase the teaching and learning quality through the achievement in educational performances, production publish, exhibition and research and development (R&D) which will increase students’ professionalism.

Have a pleasant learning experience in Faculty of Humanities, Arts and Heritage, University Malaysia Sabah. 



Prof. Dr Ismail Bin Ibrahim


Faculty of Humanities, Arts and Heritage

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