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Remote Sensing & GIS Unit


The rapid expansion of the use of remote sensing and GIS in Malaysia began in the 80s, particularly in terms of close monitoring of the environment. The use of this technology in assessing forest resources, soil erosion detect and monitor the marine environment that have been shown to provide current and accurate data, in addition to saving costs, time and labor as compared with conventional methods has prompted the government to establish Malaysian Centre for Remote Sensing ( MACRES) in 1988.
In Sabah, although the state government is aware of the effectiveness and potential use of remote sensing and GIS to monitor the extensive forests, which are increasingly threatened marine ecosystems as well as in other fields, but its application is very limited.

Therefore, the establishment of a remote sensing and GIS center at the University Malaysia Sabah for teaching, learning, research and consulting is the precision with the needs and wishes of the state government. The proposed research is in various disciplines, especially as forest management and biodiversity conservation, coastal zone management, monitoring the marine ecosystem, geology and others.

The center is committed to becoming a high-tech center based remote sensing and GIS application of international standards
The Center is committed to excellence in teaching, learning, research, consulting and development of various disciplines in the field of remote sensing and GIS as well as providing a central source of data for ongoing research infrastructure


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