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An half-day workshop on Enhancing the Roles of Gabungan Penjaja dan Peniaga Kecil Negeri Sabah (GP3NS) was held on 13th of February 2017 at Faculty of Business, Economics and Accountancy UMS. The workshop was organized by Faculty's Core Courses Program which was planned earlier with the Association (GP3NS). Related members of faculty and the executive committees of the association participated in the workshop. Several issues that become GP3NS challenges were discussed which lead to a smart partnership between FPEP and GP3NS in the near future. Datuk Hj Noortaip Suhaili, the Yang DiPertua of GP3NS and Tuan Roslani Abdullah, Timbalan Yang DiPertua along with eight others attended the workshop. They expressed their gratefulness for the willingness of FPEP to assist the association in fulfilling their service to the microentrepreneurs in the state of Sabah. The Dean, Associate Prof Dr Raman Noordin said that immediate committee led by the Core Courses Coordinator, Jakaria Dasan, will be formed to work on the realization of the smart-partnership.