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The Faculty of Business, Economics and Accountancy (FBEA) was established in 1995 under the name of School of Business and Economics. The aspiration of its establishment was the needs for professionals in the area of management, business and economics. Realizing the importance of human capital as a basis to create a developed nation, as outlined in Vision 2020, the academic program in FPEP is formulated to produce quality graduates to fulfill the needs for capable managers, entrepreneurs, accountants, economists and industrial players.

Apart from fulfilling the needs of the nation and optimizing the existing competitive advantage, the graduates of FPEP is prepared to compete in the global market with international standard, technical ability and soft skill. In line with the economic and business development, the dynamic academic programmes in FBEA have progressively developed to become ten undergraduate programmes that encapsulate the discipline of business, economics and accountancy. 






Visiting from Accounting Students UiTM Sarawak

A total of 19 students from UiTM Sarawak Accounting Degree, and an escort lecturer, Mr. Nero Anak Madi has visited the Faculty of Business, Economics & Accounting, UMS. The briefing was presented by Head of Accounting Program (HE0), Mrs. Nurshahida Ab Fatah. Also present at the celebration of guests from UiTM were En. Jainurin Justine @ Abdul Aziz, Director of Accounting Center, Prof.Dr Rasid Hj Mail, The Vice Chancellor (Academic and International), and the Dean of FPEP, Prof. Associate Professor Dr Raman Noordin.

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