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The Faculty of Business, Economics and Accountancy (FBEA) was established in 1995 under the name of School of Business and Economics. The aspiration of its establishment was the needs for professionals in the area of management, business and economics. Realizing the importance of human capital as a basis to create a developed nation, as outlined in Vision 2020, the academic program in FPEP is formulated to produce quality graduates to fulfill the needs for capable managers, entrepreneurs, accountants, economists and industrial players.

Apart from fulfilling the needs of the nation and optimizing the existing competitive advantage, the graduates of FPEP is prepared to compete in the global market with international standard, technical ability and soft skill. In line with the economic and business development, the dynamic academic programmes in FBEA have progressively developed to become ten undergraduate programmes that encapsulate the discipline of business, economics and accountancy. 






FBEA UMS Appreciation Night Platform for Recognition of Excellence

The Organization of Business, Economics and Accounting (FPEP) Faculty of Business, Economics and Accountancy (FPEP) Annual Appreciation Night has recently been a field in recognition of outstanding staff in various service criteria. Dean of FBEA, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Raman Noordin said the organization of the event was an excellent initiative as a catalyst for staff excellence. In this event, nearly 100 staff and FBRA's inviters enlivened the event with various presentation sessions including the fashion show with the theme "movie characters".

List of Winners:

  • Male cosplay: Dr Lim Thien Sang (The Minion)
  • Female cosplay: Zuraidah Jamrin (The Witch)
  • Talented Female: Dr. Rini Suryati Sulong
  • Talented Male: Mat Salleh Job
  • Cheerful staff: Azmi Abd Majid
  • Best Researcher Award: Dr. Janice Nga
  • Journal Publishing Award: Prof. Madya Dr. Wong Hock Tsen
  • Book Publishing Award: Prof. Dr. Rasid Hj Mail
  • Brilliant Academic Award: Dr. Tini Maizura Mohtar
  • Lecturer of Hope: Mohd Allif Anwar Abu Bakar
  • Special Staff Academic Award: Wijaya Kamal Ramlan
  • Persona Award: Christie Nilus
  • Expecting Leader Award: Siti Nur Fatihah John Abdullah
  • Commited Staff Award and Special Award Dean: Ujin Matjin
  • Creative Staff Award: Ak Hazrin Pg Apong
  • Model Staff Award: Azimah Mahmud


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