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Research Grants


1FPL Industrial Cluster of Agriculture (ICOE-Agriculture) 
2Azwan Awang Characterization & molecular mechanistic insights into sweetness & thermal stability of sweet protein from Theobroma cacao, mabinlinFRGS
3Harpal Saini Singh From weed to feed: A potential of an environment weed (tropical Violet Asystasia genetic spp. micrantha) as a high feed suplement in diet of broiler chickenSGKTNC
4 Suzan Benedick    Impact of forest degradation on networks of ant plant mutualismKPM
5 Suzan BenedickImpacts of logging to tropical climate refugee 
6 Suzan BenedickThe impacts of land use change on parasite loads and body conditions of birds 
7 Suzan BenedickPromoting resilience and biodiversity in tropical agricultural landscape 
8 Jupikely James SilipThe new media and consciousness of history in Malaysia: Idea on National History and other Histories 



1Rosmah MurdadJupikely James SilipPotential of coconut shells and jute ropes as planting pots and suspension lines for mass production of vegetables in suspended (vertical) soilless culture systemSGPUMS
2Md. Shahidur Rahman     Introducing Local Agrobyproducts Based Feed for Free Range Chicken in SabahSTWN
3Suzan Benedick Kajian Ketoksikan Insektisid Bacillus thuringiensis (B1) (Subsp aizawai/kurstaki) terhadap Larva DBM (Diamondback Moth), Plutella xylostella, Perosak Sayuran Cruciferae di Kundasang SabahSTWN