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Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh,
Hi everyone! Greetings from SPADA Programme of UMS!

As we all know that, addiction to drugs and alcohol affects millions of people nationwide. Drug abused and alcohol misused are now regarded as a major     public health issues. These issues need to be addressed by personnel with specialised knowledge in drug abused and alcohol misused who can provide a     professional treatments. The professional treatment means obtaining a diagnosis and care from psychiatrists, counsellors, and clinical psychologists trained     and experienced in addiction intervention using the evidence-based therapies that have a proven track record of being effective in treating substance use     disorders. Therefore, in conjunction with Malaysia government in its effort to combat with the seriousness issues of drug abused, the Universiti Malaysia     Sabah has taken the initiative to offer our Specialty Programme in Alcohol and Drug Abused (SPADA) in two programmes, Postgraduate Diploma and also     Master Programme. These two special programmes are in response to the lack of trained professionals to address the substance abuse crises occurring in Malaysia. With its own unique objective, the SPADA programme aims to produce experts in the areas of prevention, treatment, rehabilitation, and aftercare, as well as management of related services. Furthermore, the programme is designed to cater the need for well-trained professionals in counselling and psychology with the necessary knowledge and skills in the following aspects. First, to handle administration of substance abuse treatment programme. Second, to provide psychoeducation in the aspect of therapy that offers information, awareness and support for people in treatment for drug and alcohol addiction. Third, to conduct and deliver the preventive interventions of early uses of drugs and alcohol which can provide skills and support to high-risk youth to enhance levels of protective factors and prevent escalation to drugs and alcohol abuse. Finally, to provide an appropriate treatment of substance abuse according to the needs of affected patients or individuals based on severity and type of addiction. In addition, the programme also opens to those individuals who are interested in enhancing their helping profession related to substance abuse.

Programme Coordinator
Speciality Programme of Alcohol and Drug Abuse (SPADA)
Faculty of Psychology & Education
Universiti Malaysia Sabah



Alcoholism and drug abuse are specialized problems that need to be addressed by personnel with specialized knowledge.Specifically, these problems call for experts trained in management, prevention, treatment, rehabilitation and aftercare of drug abuse programs. Universiti Malaysia Sabah offers Master of Counseling Psychology (Drug Abuse) and Postgraduate Diploma in Drug Abuse in response to the lack of trained professionals to address the substance abuse crisis occurring in Malaysia.The program aims to produce expert in the areas of prevention, treatment, rehabilitation, and aftercare, as well as management of related services.This programme is designed to provide personnel with the necessary knowledge and skills to handle administration, education, prevention and treatment of substance abuse programmes. Topics and skills include assessment, treatment planning, motivational interviewing of drug abuse counselling, and pharmacology of drug, relapse prevention, and community resources. Graduates from this programme will be equipped with knowledge and skill in their respective field of specialisation.


Focus Group

  • 1. Counsellors
  • 2. Psychologist
  • 3. Prison Officer
  • 4. Police
  • 5. Army Officer
  • 6. Social Worker
  • 7. Welfare Officer
  • 8. Medical personnel
  • 9. NGO personnel 
  • 10. Any others involved in drug abuse management, treatment, rehabilitation, prevention and other related services 


Tuition Fees


RM14,615.00 whole semester
RM626.00 payment is made only once during the study