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Student Assesment

Professional Examination

This is the EXIT exam, in which the students will sit after passing the EOP Examination at the end of the final semester in Year 3. Students must pass this exam to be eligible to sit for the Malaysian Nursing Board (MNB) examination. This exam comprises of 100 MCQs, 12 MEQs, 2 LEQs and 6 OSCE stations.

Malaysian Nursing Board (MNB) Examination

All students who passed the Professional Examination are eligible to sit for this exam, which comprise of 100 MCQ (one best answer format). Passing the exam will enable them to be registered as Registered Nurse (RN) and received an Annual Practice Certificate (renewable annually) that will enable them to practise as trained nurses, either in the government or private health sectors.


It is COMPULSORY for all students to be actively involved in e-learning session. All lecture notes are accessible though e-learning portal during any particular semester. Some assessment is conducted via this portal. Therefore, students need to create an account by logging in to http://smart2.ums.edu.my

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