UMS-Hemodalisis Center

According to the Nephrology Department of the Ministry of Health, the number of kidney patients in Malaysia has increased continuously in recent years. 31,637 patients were recorded in 2014. This led to an increase in demand, and government hospitals in Malaysia are facing problems to meet the urgent needs of kidney patients for hemodialysis. Currently, the number of seats/facilities being provided by the government hospitals in Sabah is not sufficient to accommodate the increased number in kidney patients. Yet, the number of private dialysis centres available in the state are also unable to help the government hospitals to fulfill the burden of hemodialysis demand. As a higher learning institution, Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, University Malaysia Sabah, which offering a Doctor of Medicine program and made up of medical experts from all over the world, it becomes our social responsibility to establish a hemodialysis centre to help the kidney patients requiring hemodialysis treatment. Correspondingly UMS is working with the National Welfare Foundation (Yayasan Kebajikan Nasional) to open a hemodialysis Centre located in Plaza Kingfisher, Likas.

List of Facilities/assets & services:

  • Hemodialysis machine: 10 units
  • Dialyzer reprocesses machine: 2 units
  • Working schedule: Monday to Saturday
  • Routine checkup by nephrologist and physician
  • 3 monthly blood test for the patient
  • Continuous monitoring of patient dialysis compliance
Hemodiaylisis Centre
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UMS-Hemodiaylisis Centre
King Fisher, Kota Kinabalu
88450 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.
Tel : 088-431592 / Ext 611710/11