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This program is an annual program of the Faculty Medicine & Health Science which it is the proposal of former UMS Vice Chancellor, Tan Sri Prof. Datuk Seri Panglima Dr. Abu Hassan Othman who has chose Kudat as a place for Family Health activities in rural areas that were launched in March 2003.

The program will involve Year One Medical Students and the community of Kudat especially around Sikuati and Matunggong area. This program is one of the activities in theFaculty Medicine & Health Science curriculum that requires students to make an observation, to understanding the process and functions of the family and if necessary to intervene which it based on objectives education, medicine and health. This process is done in the period of their studies at the university.   

The program also emphasizes the student’s ability to engage and work with government agencies to provide assistance in dealing with family health problems, although there are differences of religious values, cultural and social.


  1. As a platform of strong interaction and continuously between the UMS, the Ministry of Health Malaysia, Sabah State Government and local people for the success of public health programs in the long run.
  2. Promoting Social and Health Education activities in Kudat UMS, either nationally or internationally.
  3. As a basis expansion of community health activities by UMS in rural areas.
  4. Strengthen the existing friendship between the UMS and the local community.

 All students need to visit their foster families at least three times per year, each student has to visit to the villages of their foster parents at least 15 times during their 5 year medical doctor degree programme. Those visits were planned and organized by the Faculty Medicine & Health Science using RMEC as the focal point of all such visits. Frequently the foster family members utilize RMEC as their meeting points with their foster sons and daughters to bring them back to their villages. Thus it was found that RMEC played a crucial role for the induction, implementation and sustainability of the University Family Partnership Programme of UMS in Sikuati area of Kudat. The following table shows the total number of students that covered by the PUPUK Programme run by Faculty Medicine & Health Science.


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