Ibnu Sina Resources Center had been operation by 30 January 2004, at Sekolah Sains dan Teknologi (SST) and been inaugurated by former Vice Canselor UMS,  Y. Bhg. Tan Sri Prof. Datuk Seri Panglima Dr Abu Hassan. Today Ibnu Sina Resources Center located in Blok E, Fakuti Perubatan dan Sains Kesihatan, UMS was one of the education plat-form for faculty students throughout the display of anatomy models (specimen and mannequin) as a material education resources.
Ibnu Sina Resources Center Function
1. Providing and acknowledge of material according to the needs of FMHS students.
2. Providing education material that can be used as a group discussion or solo in learning process.
3. Providing a better and comfortable education environment.
4. Became as a exhibition hall for students, visitors and others agencies.
5. Providing guide-line, access and information deliver according to the needs.
6. Promoting information sharing and exchange.
7. Creating chances to students to self-develop.
8. Providing facility supporting education purpose.
9. Providing the latest information tools for education and learning purpose.
10. Became as a information center and learning / education center.
Ibnusina Visitor Gallery