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Seminar, Lecture & Tutorial Room

 Seminar Room

 200 people

 Lecture Room

 200 people

 Tutorial Rooms 1-6

 40 to 100 people


FSMP Laboratory List

Ground Floor

Level 1

Level 2

Bakery Technology Laboratory

Chemistry and Biochemistry Laboratory

Sensory Evaluation Laboratory

Food Service Laboratory

Instrumentation Center

Food Research & Processing Laboratory

Bioprocessing Laboratory

Food Microbiology Laboratory  

Food Research & Microbiology Laboratory

Chocolate Laboratory

Food Engineering Laboratory

Food Chemistry & Biochemistry Research Laboratory

Nutrition & Dietetics Students' General Laboratory

Food Toxicology Laboratory

Post Harvest Technology Research Laboratory

Nutrition and Dietetics Clinic

Food Analysis Laboratory

Nutrition Research & Dietetics Laboratory

Post Harvest Technology Students' General Laboratory

Computer @ Information Technology Laboratory


Experimental cafeteria



Mock Restaurant



Product Outlet



Pioneer plant





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