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No. Organisation Date Signed Expiry Programme
1 Shimadzu Asia Pacific 12/12/2014 12/11/2017 Lab Research
2 Meije University Incorporated Educational Institution 1/2/2013 31/3/2016 1. Discoveries of natural compounds to explore potents agrochemical
2. Publication of papers in international journals/obtainment of intellectual properties such as patents
3. Education of practical studies to students, especially for those who want to take research positions.
Kimia hasilan semulajadi
3 Science and Technology research partnership for sustainable development (SATREPS) 25/9/2013 24/9/2017 (Green economy Green Economy) 1. Zero Discharge Technology Development.
Oil Palm Biomass Conversion
2. Effect of Palm Oil Discharge Reduction on Biodiversity.
4 Kagoshima University, Japan 2008 2013 exchange of teaching and research, exchange of administrative an other professional personnel,exchange of students, collaboration in research project, exchange of academic publications data and information and any other of co-operation as agreed to by the Parties from time to time
5 Museum of Nature and Human Activities Hyogo (MNHAH) 31/7/2012 31/7/2015 Research and Development, Exchange of students and Staff, Education
6 Rakuno Gokuen University, Hokaido Japan 3/12/2012 3/12/2013 Student exchange undergradute, staff exchange, Exchange/Attachment program of staffs and student ,including workshop, seminar etc,Exchange of scientific related materials, Exchange of expertise in knowledge and capacity building in scientific research and discovery also Cooperation in research of common interests.
7 Hokkaido University, Japan 2/5/2014 2/4/2019 Student Exchange , Staff Exchange, Research and Publication
8 Institute of Primate research Kyoto University 2010- Pembaharuan LoI setahun berterusan 2015 Student Exchange , Staff Exchange, Research and Publication
9 Faculty of Science , Chulalongkorn University Thailand 21/06/2012 21/06/2016 Devoelop cross cutting joint reserch proposals which cover with activities of researchers and gradute students, Exchange/attachment program of staff and student;including workshop, semianr,etc, Academic consultancy on curricular matters; and Exchange of expertise in knowledge and capasity building in scientific research and discovery.
10 Zoological Survey of India, India 29/10/2012 29/10/2017 Exchange/attachment program of staffs and student; including workshop, seminar, etc; , cooperation in research of common interest; exchange of scienstific related materials; and exchange of expertise in knowledge and capacity building in scientific research and discovery.
11 Kyushu Institute of Technology Japan 25/09/2013 2017