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Message From The Director


Welcome to the Institute for Tropical Biology and Conservation (ITBC) of Universiti Malaysia Sabah.

ITBC is one of the three centres of excellence in Universiti Malaysia Sabah, and we pursue research in Tropical Biodiversity and champion Conservation efforts in Sabah. As a centre of excellence, ITBC also plays an important role in dissemination of knowledge derived from our research in biodiversity and conservation of the natural resources.

Research activities involve fundamental investigations pertaining to Biodiversity and Conservation, Taxonomy and Biosystematics, and Ecological Processes. Information obtained from fundamental investigations is transformed into applied knowledge such as Advancement of Biodiversity, and Nature Tourism. The research activities at IBTP often adopt a multidisciplinary approach with the use of natural products chemistry and molecular sciences as tools to reach across the vast treasures of biodiversity.

The dissemination of knowledge is carried out via teaching of undergraduate and postgraduate candidates. We are actively involved in teaching the undergraduate Conservation Biology Program. Postgraduate by Research Program is offered via 8 programs involving research themes such as; 1) Biodiversity and Biosystematics, 2) Ecological Processes, 3) Advancement of Biodiversity, and 4) Nature Tourism.

Research activities at ITBC involve collaborations with researchers from other Malaysian research organizations and international research institutions. We have been involved in two phases of the Bornean Biodiversity and Ecological Conservation (BBEC) program sponsored by JICA since 2002. In addition, we have been entrusted to coordinate the Third Countries Training Program (TCTP), which is in the second cycle. These activities involve enhancement of conservation of tropical rainforest and its biodiversity, and training of sufficient human resource to coordinate the conservation efforts. ITBC is also an active research institution in Sabah. We have strong research collaborations with Sabah Foundation, Sabah Parks, Sabah Wildlife Department, Sabah Biodiversity Centre, and Sabah Forestry Department.

In essence, we work with various sections of the society, including the ethnic communities, governmental agencies, non-governmental organizations and ministries. The success of conservation efforts is ensured via transfer of knowledge obtained from research conducted by researchers in ITBC. We are also actively involved in Traditional Knowledge documentation, and implementation of the Access and Benefit Sharing concept.

Therefore, I would like to welcome students, researchers, research partners, and stake holders to this website with the hope that your visits will develop into a working partnership between us.

Prof. Dr. Charles S. Vairappan

Director, Institute of Tropical Biology Conservation