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Assalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

Borneo Marine Research Institute (BMRI) undertakes and promotes high quality education, research, training and outreach in the high priority areas of marine science and aquaculture.

BMRI is a centre of excellence in Universiti Malaysia Sabah and the Focal Point (for Malaysia) of the International Ocean Institute. Currently, BMRI offers postgraduate programs at Master’s and PhD levels in the fields of Aquaculture, Marine Science, Marine Biotechnology, Fisheries Science, and Coastal and Marine Management. We also utilize the excellent infrastructure for handling two undergraduate programs of aquaculture and marine science, and training.

The two on-campus hatcheries for finfish and shellfish, a strategic location at the seafront, with a jetty to the sea, berthing facilities for research boats, well-equipped laboratories for specialized investigations, and an attractive marine aquarium and museum are among the advantages for a coherent functioning of the institute and efficient output.

Our academic staff is specialized for providing hands-on training and capable supervision, and leading research projects in all the above disciplines.

BMRI seeks to nurture stronger links with institutions of higher education in the country and abroad for exchange of knowledge and collaborative research. We make special efforts to work with the community for transfer of knowhow. We are open to work with the industry for commercialization of research and contributing to knowledge-based economy. 

I hope this website provides readers with an insight to what we offer as a post-graduate research institute.  

I am looking forward to welcoming more students, research collaborators and industry/community partners to grow with BMRI!

Prof. Dr. Rossita Shapawi