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PC Maintenance

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Section of Computing

Section of Support Services

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Manage the procurement, the distribution and maintenance of computer hardware and software of the university.

Providing support services related to ICT according to the needs and direction of the university.



  • To manage centralize procurement of PC and software.
  • To ensure the above specification caters the requirement of all departments.
  • To provide advisory services on computers and devices technology to all departments.
  • Managing the requirements of computer laboratory for teaching and learning.
  • Managing the universities assets (computer) centrally.
  • To manage and ensure all computer hardware and devices are maintained.
  • To ensure all computers (Desktop / Notebook) are equipped with centralized antivirus software.
  • To ensure all related services comply with Service Level Agreement (SLA).
  • To manage the implementation of centralized computer disposal.
  • To identify and solve all hardware issues from customer complaints.
  • To manage and monitor the performance of each supported system.
  • Managing the ICT support services to all staffs and students.
  • Manage the requirements of teaching and learning aids such as projectors and related equipment.
  • To ensure the staff attendance recorders equipment always in proper function.


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