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Pusat Hal Ehwal Antarabangsa
Centre For International Affairs

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Extending Student Pass

Students are required to fill the Application for Extension of Pass Form at Centre for International Affairs (CfIA) 21 days before the expired date of the visa.

Please bring along copy of the :

1. Application Form [download]

2. Confirmation Letter(for 2 set)

3. Offered Letter(for 2 set)

4. Medical Check Up Report(for 2 set) [download]

5. A copy of Passport (front page & student pass)(for 3 set)

6. A copy of Semester Fee Payment Receipt(for 2 set)

7. A copy of Semester Exam Result(for 1 set)

8. Letter and Identification Card from the officer of Centre for International Affairs (CfIA)

For document No.8, please come to Centre for International Affairs, Level 5, South Block, Chancellery Building to obtain a copy of the IC.