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Pusat Hal Ehwal Antarabangsa
Centre For International Affairs

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1.    Objective of setting up the offshore office in China
The main objective of this project is to establish a management office which can act as a One Stop Centre for academic and non academic collaborations and promotion purposes, in which consists of exchanging professors, researchers and officers, exchange of students, coordination of joint research projects, coordination of joint educational projects, organisation of joint student development activities, and also the exchange of academic publications and educational materials.

2.    Roles of the offshore office
    a.    To expand UMS capability in global education; sending UMS students to experience academic differences in other institutions in the region.
    b.    To act as a base for contributing on academic facilities or academic contents to encourage the academic activities within the region.
    c.    To act as a base for creating opportunity of cooperation or collaborations in the academic field with both institutions.
    d.    To act as a base for encouraging student/staff exchange in various academic field.
    e.    To act as a base for discovering future collaborations and business opportunities with UMS alumni within the region.
     f.    To foster back-to-back academic activities and project partnership between UMS and HAS

3.    How do UMS monitor the activities organised by this office so that it will be organised according to UMS’ guidelines?
UMS Satellite Office operations are based on the Terms of Reference (TOR) which has been specified on the needs of the office. The UMS Satellite Office in Heilongjiang is managed by a cooperative management between two parties, which is UMS and HAS. The team is advised and monitored by UMS Vice Chancellor, chaired by UMS Deputy Vice Chancellor of Academics and International, and communicates effectively with the assistance of the Centre for International Affairs. The organisation chart is as below:



4.    What is our hope in setting up this offshore office in China
With the establishment of the Satellite Office in China, UMS hopes to expand its global outreach, starting with the great land of China. It is by this starting point, UMS hopes to gained more opportunities in the exchange of knowledge, expertise, technologies, and cooperation with other nations as well.

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