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Occupational Safety and Health Act 1994 (Act 514) was approved by the Parliament in 1993 and was gazetted on February 1994.

Occupational Safety and Health 1994 would cover 90% of the nation’s total man power and would exempt those working on ships and in the armed forces.

It aims to foster and promote occupational safety and health awareness among workers and those who are in the workplace.
Organization or employer will be more sensitive and responsive to the prevention of accidents and injuries among their employees.
Self- concept implementation arrangements adapted to suit the relevant industry or organization.
OSHA provision complements the provisions of existing law and if there are any discrepancies, OSHA 514 will be used as the main reference.
Considering the scope of the OSHA 514 requirements and current directions issued by the Ministry of Education (MOE), Malaysia,
the commitment of university management in compliance with OSHA 514 is very critical and should be given serious consideration by all parties.

According to OSHA 514 (1994) , stating that all work activities , including the civil service and statutory bodies such as
universities are governed under the OSHA 514 except work on board activities and services of the armed forces .
Organization or employer 's failure to comply with the provisions of the OSHA 514 can be charged directly and subjected to legal action .

OSHA implementation in UMS through PKKP directly to improve the competitiveness and quality to become one of
the leading universities in this region.
University of safe and healthy will help workers and students to become more productive.
Accidents and injuries at work would be detrimental aspects of human resources and skills.
UMS has the potential to be a model for the work environment safe and healthy, and this will be an example to others
higher learning institute in Malaysia to implement similar programs.