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PPSA is established to achieve the following objectives:

  1. To serve as the Think Tank to determine the direction, planning, development, monitoring and implementation of academic affairs in UMS.
  2. To ensure the development of academic programs is in accordance with the requirement and standard set by MOHE; and the mission, vision, philosophy, and objectives of UMS.
  3. To maintain the quality of the implemented academic programs and courses, which in turn will ensure UMS position in the IPTA ranking processes.
  4. To coordinate the evaluation of curriculums for the academic programs and courses in UMS.
  5. To monitor and ensure the implementation of MS ISO 9001 Quality System for the identified scope, Implementation Program for Fulltime Undergraduates at the UMS Teluk Sepanggar main campus.
  6. To ensure the implementation of UMS Strategic Plan is constantly monitored to be in line with the Malaysia Education Blueprint (Higher Education) and play the roles in providing and updating data, and monitoring its course.



  1. To create awareness among the UMS community on the Malaysian Qualification Framework and Quality Management System MS ISO 9001 UMS and to maintain its implementation in UMS.
  2. To coordinate the planning, development, review and evaluation of academic programs.
  3. To coordinate the methods and activities for teaching and learning in accordance with the requirement  Malaysian Qualification Agency, MOHE and related agencies.
  4. To support the implementation of the teaching and learning skills development and the continuous professional development programs among the academic staff.
  5. To formulate, coordinate and evaluate the implementation of the University Strategic and Action Plans.
  6. To create awareness and nurture academic excellence and scholarship culture.