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PPIB Sandakan

PPIB Sandakan


Located some ten miles from Sandakan town and surrounded by oil palm plantations and green forests, lies the School of Sustainable Agriculture – one of the two branches of UMS outside the main campus (the other being Labuan). The School has a staff of 62 and is attended by 264 students, who have the choice of majoring in Horticulture and Landscape, Livestock Production or Crop Production.

           At Sandakan, PPIB performs a similar role as its namesake at the main campus: the centre is dedicated to expanding the students’ knowledge base in order to produce multi-skilled graduates with a liberal mindset. A diverse range of courses are offered to undergraduates and these are administered by 4 full-time staff.


Sandakan campus is currently offering the following PPIB courses:


English language:


UB00202 Oral Communication in English

UB00702 English for Occupational Purposes


Foreign Languages:


UU00202 Korean Language

UP00302 French Language

UN00202 Chinese (Mandarin) Language


Liberal Arts:


UC01702 Creative Writing

UK02002 Globalisation and Communication

UW00102 Ethnic Relations


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