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To manage, coordinate and provide services for the success of research and innovation. 

To explore new fields of research in accordance with the university research nic. 

 Improving the knowledge and expertise of researchers continuously through relevant training.

To gain research fund, innovation and consultancy.

To commercialize  research findings and products.

Providing reseach and innovation facilities with latest technology.




Ensuring excellence in research with collection of expertise, the latest technoogy research methods tested / new finding which brought many benefits to mankind.

Promoting research in identified nic area which is being relevant and responsive to current needs and long-term impact.

Encouraging research groups to be integrated and holistic (transdiciplinary) and increase collaboration relationship between various disciplines, sectors and research institutes local and international. 

Increasing fund for research and innovation from various sources and allocate budget for competitive, transparent and user-friendly.

Stimulate and provide attractive incentives to researchers who are successful and gain recognition as leaders in their respective fields.

Encouraging increase in the number of publication in high impact journals and famous through rewards and recognition. 

Recognition in intellectual property as well as increase research funding through the commercialization of the product.