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At Universiti Malaysia Sabah (UMS), 4 Research Culture (NIC) has been identified since the establishment of universities and become major research for researchers. This NIC research has extensive resources in the State of Sabah.


Area of Research



Biodiversity (Marine, Terrestial & Ethnic )

Sabah has vast natural areas with high diversity of ecosystems and ethnicity.



Sabah has highest potentially viable coastal areas for aquaculture.


Sustainable Tourism

Sabah has many iconic nature tourism destinations with variety of traditional and cultural background.


Poverty Alleviation

Sabah has biggest proportion of population living under Poverty Line Index -20% poor, 3 % hardcore poor.

To foster and develop research and innovation among university lecturers UMS, some aspects should be given priority and improved over time, namely:

1. Provide research atmosphere conducive to creating an efficient governance to manage and administer research and innovation;

2. Prepare and disseminate clear guidelines for the evaluation of research output and publications, and makes research as a key factor in the increase in salary and promotion;

3. Appoint undergraduate pilot research among the lecturers / researchers who excel in research to guide and motivate young researchers;

4. Organizing training courses and skills (e.g. write a proposal, applying for research funding, establish a cooperative relationship, working in groups, registration of intellectual property) to the lecturer / young researchers;

5. Reduce the teaching load to enable lecturers to conduct research (make sure the no. of Lecturer enough).