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Accreditation Status

With the objective of improving the quality of higher education institutions in Malaysia and the programmes of higher education study, MOHE implements the Accreditation Programme to evaluate whether higher education programmes meet quality standards. The accreditation programme aims to ensure that higher education programmes meet the standards and criteria in the Code of Practice for Accreditation (COPPA), in compliance with the Malaysian Qualifications Framework (MQF) and other related guidelines. Programmes that comply with the standards and criteria will be given the Accreditation Status, and are eligible to use “MQA Accredited” .

  • The accreditation status awarded by the Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA) has many advantages. Besides having a benchmark for quality programmes, other advantages include the following:
  • Students are eligible to apply for study  loan from funding agencies such as the National Higher Education Fund (NHEF).
  • Students are eligible to continue their studies in higher education institutions and obtain credit transfer if needed.  However, the final decision lies with the institution concerned.
  • Students can be considered for employment in the public sector. In many cases, even private sector employers consider accredited programmes in employing graduates.
  • Institutions can franchise their accredited programmes to other institutions, subject to certain conditions.

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