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Preparatory Centre of Science and Technology (PPST) has become the latest department to sign the Corruption-Free Pledge with the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC), reaffirming its commitment to ridding itself of corrupt practices and power abuse after the ceremony was officially held at the university level on 25 August 2017. A total of 32 PPST staff attended the signing ceremony of the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission’s Corruption-free Pledge, which was held in Bilik Kuliah 1 on 5 September.

The Director of PPST, Prof. Madya Dr. Sazmal Effendi Arshad assured that the organization will always stay committed in combating corruption, especially when it involves the civil servants in Institutions of Higher Learning. Led by the Director himself, 32 academic and administration staff took the oath and signed the anti-corruption pledge, vowing to maintain integrity and accountability towards achieving a delivery system which is transparent and free from any form of corruption and misconduct throughout their service.