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Assalamualaikum w.b.t

Syukur Alhamdulillah to the Almighty for Allah blessings and the opportunity gave, we can meet again in the UMS Accounting Center website. 

As we all know, the UMS Accounting centre was incorporated on October 16, 2006 where as the opening ceremony was being made by Datuk Noh Dalimin, the former Vice-Chancellor of UMS. The establishment of this center is to strengthen the learning process, publications, extensive research and consultation, particularly in the accounting field. In addition, it provides Internet access and referral to all students and users of the Accounting Resource Centers.

During of establishment UMS Accounting Centre has done many activities. The activities include academic aspects such as seminars and forums, take care about the social responsibility such as the Aidilfitri Open House with the charity organizations, students motivation, charity run and more. Entertainments are also included to appreciate the members such as the annual dinner, Aidilfitri sales, the songs dedication and more.

Along with the recognition of the MIA, UMS Accounting Center has organized a variety of strategies and efforts. It is to ensure the accounting program offered at the UMS has better quality and achieve more success at international level someday, Inn Shaa Allah.

Finally, I hope that all users who enter this website will have a better knowledge about UMS Accounting Centre. As the director, I hope this centre will be expanded and increase the quality of the Accounting Program including the lecturer and students, in UMS.