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Dr Andreas List on EU and ASEAN lessons

Dr Andreas talks about lessons from EU and ASEAN
29 February 2016- Dr Andreas List, former European Union Senior Representative, visited Universiti Malaysia Sabah and delivered a lecture on Three Reasons for a Strong ASEAN, to students of the Faculty of Humanities, Arts and Heritage. He was welcomed by the Dean, Dato Prof. Mohd. Hamdan Adnan, and the Head of Unit, UPEP, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Rosazman Hussin.
The program began with a rendition of classical music in flute by Mr. Kenneth Chia, a new lecturer/member of the Music program of the Faculty.  Dr. Andreas and the audience were regaled with the music of Johann Sebastian Bach, who is an Austrian just like Dr. Andreas.
In the lecture of Dr Andreas, he emphasized the complexity of relations between states and the dynamic environment all societies continue to face. It is on this juncture that a regional integration approach, like the European Union, becomes a very useful way of responding to these challenges in the governance, economy, security, migration, environment, international relations, and many other aspects that require a shared vision of ensuring sustainable peace and development in the world. Dr Andreas' many years of experience in the Southeast Asian region as a diplomat allowed him to see the potentials of continuously building ASEAN as a more effective regional group. While ASEAN is mainly a partnership between and among governments, he challenged the young people and students in this region to be more motivated and aspire for a wider community and partnership such as what is happening today in the EU. 
Also, at FKSW, the International Relations Programme co-organised a dialogue session with the second year students. A presentation was made by Dr Andreas and Mr. Wan Shawalluddin on EU and ASEAN lessons ignore, lessons learned. The discussions was also joined in by other IR lecturers, namely, Prof. Dr. Kamarulzaman Askandar, Mr. Carlervin Sukim, Mr. El Masri and Dr. Ayesah Uy Abubakar. There were also guests from ICRC Kota Kinabalu and Kuala Lumpur.This one day event provided a good opportunity for UMS students to be more exposed to the current issues from the perspectives of international experts and leaders such as Dr. Andreas List.