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Malaysia and the ICERD

Malaysia and the ICERD
The UPEP Lecture Series 1/2017 presented the topic on "Malaysia and the International Convention on All Forms of Racial Discrimination (ICERD)" with Mr. Zulkifli Hashim as the guest speaker. Mr. Zulkifli Hashim is the Director  of the Unity Management Division of the Department of National Unity and Integration, under the Prime Minister's Office. His office had been tasked to review ICERD and study the viability of Malaysia signing and ratifying this international human rights law. Mr.  Zulkifli gave a presentation of the the core components of ICERD and explained the challenges and opportunities for Malaysia in implementing this law.
This programme was attended by the International Relations students. The students were interested in understanding how the ICERD can be key to policy change in the government and in social change in the country in general. They asked many questions and also shared to Mr. Zulkifli some of their experiences on the topic as part of their own field work in their various academic courses.
Mr. Zulkifli was encouraged that the students are well equipped in discussing the topic. Also, he is keen to suggest that, perhaps, students from UMS should be given industrial training opportunities in various government agencies in which human rights themes, such as ICERD is becoming more relevant.

The UPEP Lecture Series 1/2017 was co-organized by UPEP and the International Relations Programme. Mr. Carlervin Sukim, Assoc. Prof. Mikio Oishi and Dr. Ayesah Uy Abubakar facilitated the seminar.
Author: Ayesah Uy Abubakar