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Kinabalu Lecture No. 6 with Tan Sri (Dr) Mohd Nadzmi Mohd Salleh


















Monday, 15 May 2017-  Tan Sri (Dr) Mohd Nadzmi Mohd Salleh has one important message to all UMS students, “Be different to be competitive”, and with this he shared his personal experience on how in many occassions he reinvented himself in order to find better opportunities and challenged his own personal capacity in the world of business. Tan Sri Dr. Mohd Nadzmi is the guest speaker of the Kinabalu Lecture Series No. 6 held today at the Dewan Resital, UMS.


The theme of the this year’s lecture is “The Changing Patterns of the Labour Market in the Competitive Business Environment.” The guest speaker is well recognized in the corporate sector of Malaysia in which he has led some of the biggest business organizations for more than 30 years, among these include the Heavy Industries Corporation Malaysia Berhad (HICOM), Edaran Otomobil Nasional Berhad (EON) and Perusahaan Otomobil Nasional Berhad (PROTON). He has also served in various leadership roles in many organizations not only in the business sector but also in the field of education, sports and other social endeavours.


During his speech, Tan Sri Mohd Nadzmi presented the current situation in which university graduates will find difficulties in getting a job. However, he explains that while this is the reality, and that there is a constant change in the kind of expertise that the job market wants, a job seeker “should not give up.” He further explains that there are many ways to prepare themselves in becoming attractive to employers. Some of his suggestions include: (1) to be equipped with academic knowledge, communication and soft skills (2) to explore the possibility of expanding one’s job market from Malaysia to its immediate region or in any other countries which may offer opportunities (3) to consider becoming an entrepreneur and make use of the information technology as a new medium in doing business, and (4) to try experiencing a job in sales and marketing in order to get a better understanding how to build a business. Tan Sri Mohd Nadzmi’s career journey itself had shown how important it is to be willing to work hard and take on challenging roles as part of career growth. And it is this that he reminds graduates that there will always be many opportunities in a competitive environment but it is all up to them to prepare themselves for it.


The Kinabalu Lecture Series No. 6 was organised by the Faculty of Humanities, Arts and Heritage through the leadership of the Industrial Relations Programme and the Ethnography and Development Research Unit. Tan Sri Mohd Nadzmi was personally welcomed and hosted by the Dean, Prof. Dr. Ismail Ibrahim. Prof. Ismail started the program by putting emphasis on the timeliness and relevance of this Kinabalu Lecture to our students and soon-to-be graduates. This yearly faculty event is one platform for the university to be constantly in touch with industry leaders and ensure the competitiveness of UMS students in their fields.




Author: Ayesah Uy Abubakar