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Sabah recorded the highest rates in Malaysia with 110 cases reported per 100,000 population. Tuberculosis (TB) is one of the major health problems of the state and identified as a priority disease in the National Tuberculosis Program. The health system in Sabah is composed of three basic sectors; public, private and non-governmental organizations (NGOs). The public sector includes the Ministry of Health (MOH), and health services based academic / research. The Ministry of Health is the key to providing health care to all levels of society. There are two health services which based on education in Sabah namely Medical Centers and policlinics those are under the auspices of the University Malaysia Sabah. Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences UMS founded with the motto of "evidence-based, socially driven medical education" in an attempt to produce a medical practitioner who has the skills of evidence-based medical education for the community that will be the basis of medical services. It is a training center and excellent medical services. Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences UMS also has a large area covering several buildings that have various departments and laboratories. Thus, in the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, there are several research facility for tuberculosis patients and health services for tuberculosis. Therefore, the establishment of Tuberculosis Research Unit UMS is in line with the targets towards achieving the Millennium Development.
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