UMS Strategic Plan

UMS KRA-1 : Enhancing Excellence in Teaching & Learning
" We aim to offer all our students a high quality learning experience and ultimately to produce knowledgeable, versatile and highly employable graduates."
UMS KRA-2 : Enhancing Excellence in Research & Inovation
" The assessment is based on 7 main criteria : quality & quantity of researchers, quality & quantity of research, quality & quantity of postgraduates, inovation, professional services and gifts, network and linkages, and physical resources and system."
UMS KRA-3 : Enhancing International Visibility & Reputation
" UMS already has strong international profile, notably in europe & asia. Nonetheless, UMS is commited to further enhance its visibility and reputation in global arena."
UMS KRA-4 : Strengthening Governace, Leadership & delivery system
" In order to be ready in autonomy, public heis need to demonstrate good governance in 4 key areas, institutional governance, finance, human resources development and academic management."
UMS KRA-5 : Enhancing Financial Sustainabality
" We will strive to keep the university's finances on a sustainable footing to ensure the future stability of our university and effective delivery of our educational goals."
UMS KRA-6 : Intensifying community & industry engagement
" We also need to strengthen university-industry linkages and promote strategic industrial partnerships to help improve teaching, learning, research and development activities in the university."
UMS KRA-7 : Commiting to environmental sustainability
" We will strive to cultivate environmental citizenship among the students and staff through university activities, practices and operations, besides contributing towards the sustainability of the local and global environment."