Two UMS Products to International Exhibition

Perjanjian Tongkat Ali2FRIDAY, 15 AUGUST – Universiti Malaysia Sabah (UMS), recently signed a commercialisation agreement with a local company, Borneo Rainforest Herbs Sdn. Bhd. to market UMS products.

Two of the products namely AliStyrTM (Tongkat Ali Stirrer Impregnated with Honey) and ALITETM (Tongkat Ali Tea) were developed by a researcher from the Faculty of Science and Natural Resources (FSSA), Ag. Ahmad Mohd. Yunus.

Through the agreement, Borneo Rainforest Herbs Sdn. Bhd. was given the exclusive license to the use of technical information besides being trained by the researcher on the production of these two products.

According to sources issued by the Centre for Research and Innovation (PPI) UMS, the agreement also enabled the industry to use and sell the AliStyrTM and ALITETM in the Malaysian market.

After signing the agreement, Borneo Rainforest Herbs Sdn. Bhd. had since brought the two products to a Health Products and Medicine Exhibition and Conference at the Convention and Exhibition Centre in Hong Kong. – ZMD (fl)

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