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Bio-Mimetics Research Group (BiRG)


1. Artificial immune systems

2. Evolutionary computation

3. Evolutionary robotics

4. Particle swarm optimisation

5. Soft computing

6. Swarm intelligence

7. Metaheuristic Optimization Algorithm



1. The BiRG is a research group that focuses on research activities related to artificial intelligence and more specifically in evolutionary computing methods and its applications in manufacturing.

2. BiRG outshines in the field of evolution and optimization particularly for robotics, gaming and metaheuristic cognitions (e.g., game AI design, aircraft wing design, robot morphology)



The main missions of BiRG are:

1. To conduct state-of-the-art research in artificial intelligence from the perspectives of evolutionary computing, as well as to provide postgraduate training in the field of evolutionary computing for human capital development to the nation.

2. To provide industries with more efficient EC-based algorithms to increase their productivity.

3. To produce a highly-trained workforce with EC knowledge to support local industries that requires AI methodologies.

4. To develop and consult on high-level EC-based biometric security systems.

5. To increase awareness on the importance of EC research, development and innovation.  



  1. Automatic Design, Optimization and Insitu Fabrication of Heterogeneous Swarm Robot Bodies Using 3-D Printing and Multi-Objective Evolutionary Algorithms (2012 - Present)
  2. Evolutionary Multiobjective for Automatic Generation of Neural Game Controller (2012 – Present)



  1. Automatic Generation of Multi-Objective Neural Game Controllers Using Pareto-Based Differential Evolution (2010 – 2012)
  2. Automatic Generation of Mobile Content in Entertainment Applications Using Evolutionary Computing (2010 - 2012)
  3. Prototype Development of an Evolutionary Intelligence Engine Using Pareto Neuro-Ensembles for Computer Game AI (2008 – 2010)
  4. Mutational Diversity and Evolutionary Dynamics in Real-Coded Evolutionary Algorithms for Large-Scale Multimodal Numerical Optimization (2006 – 2007)
  5. Development of a Bioinspired Optimization Algorithm for the Automatic Generation of Multiple Distinct Behaviors in Simulated Mobile Robots (2006 – 2008)
  6. Multi-Objective Artificial Evolution of Bipedal Walking Robots in Simulation (2004 – 2005).



Senior (Academic Staff)

  1. Jason Teo
  2. Lau Hui Keng

MSc and PhD Students

  1. Chang Kee Tong
  2. Chang Sim Vui
  3. Chee Wei Shun
  4. Elias Ezra Yee Sze Shen
  5. Gan Kim Soon
  6. Lim Phak Guan
  7. Lim Shun Hoe
  8. Ong Jia Hui
  9. Phang Wai San
  10. Shi JunLong
  11. Tan Li Im
  12. Tan Kar Bin
  13. Tan Tse Guan




For BiRG publications go here.


  1. GOLD AWARD in SIIF 2009, Seoul, Korea (eRF-SWARM: Evolution of Swarm Robotic Controllers using RF-Localization)
  2. SILVER AWARD in ITEX 2009, KLCC, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (eRF-SWARM: Evolution of Swarm Robotic Behaviors using RF-Localization)
  3. SILVER AWARD in PEREKA 2008, Sabah, Malaysia (Multi-Objective Evolution of Neural Controllers for Simulated Autonomous Mobile Robots)
  4. BRONSE AWARD in PEREKA 2011, Sabah, Malaysia (A Multi-Objective Optimization Approach To Intelligent Neuro-Evolutionary Game Controller Synthesis)
  5. BRONSE AWARD in PEREKA 2011, Sabah, Malaysia (An Automated Methodology For Synthesizing Commercial Video Game Controllers)
  6. BRONSE AWARD in PEREKA 2009, Sabah, Malaysia (Automated Evolution Of Neural - Based Game AI Controllers)
  7. BRONSE AWARD in PEREKA 2009, Sabah, Malaysia (Automatic Synthesis Of Minimalist Neural Game AI Architectures For Playing Go)
  8. BRONSE AWARD in PEREKA 2009, Sabah, Malaysia (Ant Colony Optimization For Solving Large - Scale Multiobjective Combinatorial Problems)
  9. BRONSE AWARD in MTE 2009, KLCC, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (Artificial Evolution of RF-Signal Homing Behaviour in Autonomous Robots)



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