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Nano Engineering & Material (NEMs)


Nanotechnology is the creation of useful/functional materials, devices and systems through the control of matter on the nanometer (nm) length scale (typically but not exclusively below 100nm) and exploitation of novel phenomena and properties (physical, chemical, biological) at that length scale for specific applications.

Government of Malaysia has officially launched the Malaysia National Nanotechnology Directorate (NND) under MOSTI launched by YB Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation Datuk Seri Dr. Maximus Johnity Ongkili with YBhg Prof Dr Halimaton Hamdan as the first director in conjunction with the 2nd International Conference and Exhibition on Waste to Wealth, 27 July 2010 at PWTC. The NND main objectives is to drives Malaysia towards a conducive environment for nanotechnology application development and commercialization and the Government support will accelerate the progress of the development of home grown nanotechnology into beneficial technologies.

In this regards, for supporting and to be part of this initiative, UMS should participate and contribute towards this critical national agenda. Thus, the establishment of NEMs research group would be one step ahead in fulfilling Malaysia government aspiration to exploit nanotechnology as an enabling engine for new economic growth, sustainable development and societal well-being.



Our research group motivation is to explore the application of nanotechnology science and engineering aiming in providing sustainable solution to various engineering & environmental problems. NEMs research focus can be categorized into 4 major fields. Within these fields, various inter-related research area has been identified to be a significant and problem-solving methods for various application:

Research Focus

Research Area

Devices & Systems

Vertical MOSFET, Nanowire, CNT-FET, Organic FET, I-MOS , Ballistic Devices, ASIC System,   Intelligence Chip

Materials & Manufacturing

Nanomembrane, Nanofibre, OTFET, Bio-inspired materials, Multifunctional, adaptive materials, Self-healing materials, III-V based device

Energy & Environment

Solar PV, Renewable Energy Expert System (REES), Nanofibre for energy, Transportation, BioMass, wood fiber for energy

Health & Medical

Nanotube-based biosensor for cancer diagnostics, Artificial brain, Nanorobots, Nanodrugs, Nanofibre for tissue / bone




The significance of nanoscience and nanoengineering is widely recognized and there has been a surge of research, development and inventions in this area. Synergistic force and focused efforts are needed to enhance the succession of this nanotechnology innovation, with practical devices which complied the ultimate factor of ‘small is beautiful’. With this enthusiasm, the missions of NEMs are:


-  Encouraging and developing researchers in nanotechnology research and innovation by implementing various R&D&I in this area.


-  Developing and providing facilities and systems for nanotechnology R&D exploration and prototype devices manufacturing


-  Promoting and progressing as an academic platform, leadership, knowledge base, training and research associates in the emerging areas of nanomaterials and nanotechnology.




  1. FRG0248-TK-2/2010, Nano-Ballistic Saturation Velocity Modelling to Enhance Circuit Performances of Nano-MOSFET, RM39,000.00, October 2010 – September 2012 [Research head: Dr. Ismail Saad].
  2. ERG0002-TK-1/2011, Emerging Nanoelectronics Device Design Exploration Incorporating Vertical Impact-Ionization MOSFET and Strained (SiGe) Technology, RM103,000.00, August 2011 – July 2013 [Research head : Dr. Ismail Saad].
  3. E-SCIENCE FUND, 03-01-10-SF0175, Design of Integrated Nanodevice Vertical Strained Impact-Ionization MOSFET (VESIMOS) for Nanoelectronics Application, RM327,500.00, April 2012 – March 2014 [Research head: Dr. Ismail Saad]
  4. SBK0003-TK-1/2011, Operation Performance Study of Mobile Hollow Fiber Membrane Water Treatment System, RM20,000.00, April 2012 –March 2014 [Research head: Dr. Nurmin Bolong]
  5. FRG0306-TK-1/2012, Ballistic Transport in Organic Semiconductor Device: Modeling & Characterization, RM83,800.00, June 2012 –May 2014 [Research head: Dr. Khairul A Mohamad]
  6. FRG0307-TK-1/2012, Modelling of Enhanced Ultraviolet (UV) Band Detector Using Electrostatic Field Effect (ESF), RM51,000.00, July 2012 – June 2014 [Research head: Dr. Bablu K. Ghosh]
  7. SLB0042-TK-1/2011, Design and Simulation of Top-Contact Structure Organic Thin-Film Transistor (OTFT) for Nanoelectronics Application, RM8,000.00, February 2012 –January 2014 [Research head: Dr. Khairul A Mohamad]




  1. Dr. Ismail Saad
  2. Dr. Nurmin Bolong
  3. Dr. Bablu K. Ghosh
  4. Dr. Khairul A. Mohamad
  5. Dr. Afishah Alias
  6. Dr. Tamer A. Tabet
  7. Mrs. Norfarayanti Parimon



  1. Abu Bakar Abdul Rahman


  1. Divya Pogaku (Graduated 2011)
  2. Mohd. Zuhir Hamzah
  3. Chan Bun Seng
  4. Tham Nyap Tet Clement
  5. Fauziah M. Said
  6. Tang Zi Sheng
  7. Rosdianah Ramli




For NEM publications go here.


  1. Gold Medal Award of Research and Innovation Competition (PEREKA 2011) Universiti Malaysia Sabah for project title "Custom Made RISC16 Processor Core Design Through ASIC Methodology".
  2. Silver Medal Award of Research and Innovation Competition (PEREKA 2010) Universiti Malaysia Sabah for project title "New Physics-Based Nanomodelling of Ballistic Transport Phenomenon of NanoMosfet".
  3. Bronze medal award of Research and Innovation Competition (PEREKA 2010), Universiti Malaysia Sabah for project title "Design of an enhanced performance of vertical double-gate MOSFET (VDGM) using Oblique Rotating Implantation (ORI) Method".
  4. Silver medal award of Malaysia Technology Expo 2012 (MTE2012) for project title “Portable Power Output Optimizer for PV Modules”
  5. Bronze medal award of Malaysia Technology Expo 2012 (MTE2012) for project title “Intelligent Online Programmer for Traffic Light System”
  6. Gold medal award Research and Innovation Competition (PEREKA 2012) Universiti Malaysia Sabah for project title "Innovative University Transportation Multifunctional Support System via RFID Sensor Network".
  7. Gold medal award Research and Innovation Competition (PEREKA 2012) Universiti Malaysia Sabah for project title "Organic Semiconductor Transistor for NanoMemory Application".
  8. Silver medal award Research and Innovation Competition (PEREKA 2012) Universiti Malaysia Sabah for project title "An Innovative Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) via Machine Vision in Passenger Vehicle Blind Spot Detection".



Academic Partners

  1. Computational Nanoelectronics (CONE) Research Group, UTM, Malaysia
  2. Institute of Micro Engineering & Nanoelectronics (IMEN), UKM, Malaysia
  3. Institute of Nanoelectronics (INEE), UniMap, Malaysia

Industry Partners

  1. MIMOS Berhad, Malaysia
  2. Silterra Sdn Bhd, Malaysia
  3. X-Fab Semiconductor Sdn Berhad, Sarawak, Malaysia



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