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historical background of the alumni centre

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Universiti Malaysia Sabah (UMS), established on 24 November 1994, has experienced notable change in terms of student enrolment, number of lecturers and staff, infrastructure and facilities, management, and courses and programmes offered. One of the most significant changes is the increase in the number of graduates, which is the purpose of the establishment of any university. Over the years, the number of students who have graduated from UMS has reached 60 000. The UMS Alumni Centre is established to gather together these graduates and encourage them to become part of the UMS ALUMNI.

The role of the Alumni pertains to the development and progress that exist in its learning institution, also known as the “Alma Mater”. When students graduate and are conferred with the academic recognition from their university, this does signify the end of their affiliation to their Alma Mater. In fact, the Alumni could contribute in various forms by means of assisting with the enhancement of the University’s quality, image, education and welfare. The Alumni of other universities have shown their capability in developing their Alma Maters through various aspects for the mutual benefit of both parties.

It is a worldwide norm for the ALUMNI of an ALMA MATER to be governed in the most effective and systematic way. Therefore, UMS has introduced a paradigm shift in its effort to strengthen the ALUMNI as a valuable asset with the appointment of a Director of Alumni (commencing 2012), the search for excellent icons amongst UMS Alumnus (commencing 2017), and the officiating of the Model Alumni Inspirasiku (AI 1.0) on 22 January 2018.

This is an acknowledgement of the role of the ALUMNI in positioning the UMS brand as a top public university in Malaysia and an illustrious Alma Mater renown and acclaimed at the international level.

The significance of this Centre is more distinct with the definition of its scope “ALUMNI: whosoever has enrolled and/or is a UMS graduate” and also “recipients of UMS special/honorary awards”. The UMS Alumni thus consists graduates from degree programmes (the majority of the Alumni), postgraduate programmes and also eminent individuals who were recipients of honorary degrees conferred during the University’s annual convocation.

The Alumni Centre means the ALUMNI is enshrined in UMS with no separation between ALUMNI and ALMA MATER (UMS). The Alumni needs to continuously relate to the life and ecosystem of the campus. The elements of ‘sense’ and ‘feel’ could become the catalyst in creating a continuous sense of belonging and promoting contribution and empowerment in UMS. The Alumni is also the “ambassador” or agent, and the image of excellence for UMS in the eyes of the community. It is vital in the development of the Alumni itself towards achieving the objectives and functions of UMS as one of the comprehensive public universities in Malaysia.

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