Development and Health Research Unit

Supported by the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), the Development and Health Research Unit (DHRU) is an EcoHealth Alliance (EHA) – Universiti Malaysia Sabah (UMS) platform for multi-disciplinary research, publications and other collaborative activities in the scope of land-use change, disease-emergence and in related social and public health aspects.

DHRU-participating faculties from UMS are from the departments of Business, Economics and Accountancy, Medicine and Health Sciences, Humanities, Arts and Heritage, Sustainable Agriculture and the Biotechnology Research Institute. The DHRU provides:

  • A venue for partner and stakeholder meetings
  • A center for learning and exchange of ideas
  • A resource center for postgraduate students and scholars, to include the offer of training through short courses, seminars and outreach programs
  • A center for access and dissemination of knowledge to the public
  • A platform to act as a forum for state-of the-art multi-disciplinary think tank composed of experts from the fields of economics, disease ecology, agriculture, forestry, wildlife conservation, and health as well as industry experts involved in land development in Sabah
  • A forum for scientific experts and policy makers in the engagement of roundtable discussions with industry leaders on project findings and current land use practices for the purpose of creating guidelines on how to reduce the risks of disease emergence as a consequence of land use change and development

The long term vision for the DHRU as articulated by EHA, UMS and the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) is that it will be a Centre of Development and Health that is recognized beyond Sabah as an international research center of excellence. Towards this goal, the following outcomes serve to highlight research outputs from the collaborative activities to be engaged by the DHRU:

  • Collaborative research on multi-disciplinary topics
  • Joint funding opportunities and research grants
  • Publications in indexed and highly-ranked academic journals
  • Forums, workshops, seminars and conferences
  • Training and short-courses for graduate students
  • Communication and outreach programs
  • Center for aggregated database for dissemination of information and policy recommendation