Translating Science into Community Knowledge

The IDEEAL project which is funded by USAID and implemented by EcoHealth Alliance and Universiti Malaysia Sabah is committed to engaging communities and local stakeholders in our research and communicating scientific knowledge to diverse audiences in a clear and understandable way.

Extracts of IDEEAL Toolkit


Toolkit Meeting with community of Kampung Kelamun in Keningau District Sabah

Our gender-sensitive “health impacts of land-use change” toolkits (available in both English and Bahasa Malaysia) help participants learn about the potential health impacts of land-use change and to identify possible ways of mitigating these effects. This is done by promoting interactive discussions on:


  1. The interactions of land-use change and health
  2. Why it is essential to consider land-use change and health together
  3. Developing strategies to mitigate the negative effects of land-use change on health


Structure and Content

The toolkit is divided in three modules (each about 45 minutes-1 hour including discussions) comprising different topics related to land-use change and human health:

  1. Land-use Change
  2. Health and Land-use Change
  3. Mitigation strategies for agro-business