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On 20th-21st March 2019, UMS EcoCampus Management Centre (EMC) participated in the exhibition held in conjunction with the 'Karnival STEM Asasi Sains UMS 2019' organized by the Preparatory Centre for Science and Technology (PPST). EMC exhibition focused on Green Research and Products by UMS academicians from various fields, as well as upcycling products from discarded inorganic wastes, and paper and kitchen organic wastes. Indeed, the upcycling products, especially decoupage artworks, attracted much attention of the visitors consisting of primary and secondary school students and even teachers from throughout Kota Kinabalu and the surrounding towns, besides UMS students and staff. Visitors were also given postcards on EMC and United Nations Sustainable Development Goals 2030 (UN SDGs 2030) as souvenirs, while teachers from schools were given copies of the 'UMS Green Technology and Products: Transforming Ideas Into Reality' booklets as memorabilia for future reference.  

The exhibition via visual materials and casual elucidation of UMS EcoCampus Agenda certainly managed to provoke mindset change towards green mindset among the visitors (UMS community, and school students and teachers) judging from the on-site responses. The exhibition was handled by Mr. Alimin Awang Ali, EMC Senior Administrative Assistant, and Ms. Nur Farahana Binti Ujin, EMC intern from the Faculty of Business, Economics and Accountancy, UMS.