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Internationalization of UMS EcoCampus Agenda: National Taiwan Ocean University (NTOU), Taiwan

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On 5th February 2020 (Wednesday), UMS EcoCampus Management Centre was invited by the UMS Borneo Marine Research Institute to share knowledge and experience on campus and environmental sustainability with a delegation of students from the National Taiwan Ocean University (NTOU) in conjunction with the 'UMS-NTOU Knowledge Sharing and Cultural Exchange Programme'. The delegation of 12 students from NTOU was briefed on the philosophical and chronological background of EcoCampus Agenda by Mr. Kelvin Kueh Boon Hee, Deputy Director of the EcoCampus Management Centre. More importantly, the delegation was given a graphic run-through of the various mindset change programmes undertaken by the Centre in inculcating in the UMS community and stakeholders far and wide a green lifestyle. It was elucidated that the programmes involved not just the local surrounding societies, but the global community as well in tandem with the aspirations of the UN Sustainable Development Goals 2030. The delegation was also shown various upcycling products produced and used by the Centre to generate interest towards environmental sustainability endeavours, especially upcycled products produced in collaboration with Upcycled Shack in support of the circular economy. At the end of the morning session, Mr. Kelvin BH Kueh presented an upcycled de'coupage artwork as a souvenir to the delegation for remembrance, which prompted much wonder among the delegation.



Mr. Kelvin Kueh Boon Hee

Deputy Director

EcoCampus Management Centre 


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